About Kindness Bracelet

Kindness Bracelet sales are currently supporting the placement of Buddy Benches at area elementary schools. Learn more about this movement to foster inclusion and kindness on the playground at BuddyBench.org.

I Wanted To Be a Helper

The Kindness Bracelet was created in January 2013 after the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School. My niece lives in Sandy Hook, CT and we had many phone conversations on how we could help the townspeople begin to heal. As a former elementary school teacher I wanted to help change the focus from tragedy and despair to hope.

There were accounts of outpourings of love and kindness on the news and the internet. One Facebook posting was about Mr. Fred Rogers' mother telling him that “when tragedy strikes always look for the helpers.” I wanted to be a helper.

The Process

I began an internet search for methods of counting acts of kindness in a bracelet format. After many website visits, craft item purchases, prototype challenges and even patent research, I finalized my design for my Kindness Bracelet, the original. I learned a cording method to slide beads without them sliding back on their own. I selected a button and cord closure with 12 glass beads, a kindness charm, and end beads as a first design. Later, I added an additional charm to each bracelet to personalize it.

As soon as I had several bracelets completed I sent them to Sandy Hook to my niece to distribute them to folks in the community. I wanted to help them count kind acts and count on kindness to help them renew hope. My niece was involved in her own beaded dangle project of “Sandy Hook Smiles” to remind people to remember and pray for victims and their families. We were both being rewarded in our hearts for being helpers.

I order most of my supplies from many vendors on the internet from several countries and I have met wonderful like-minded business people in this process. It is great fun choosing interesting buttons and creating beautiful and colorful glass bead patterns on my bracelets. Each bracelet is completely hand-made and each one is unique unless someone requests matching bracelets.

The Science of Kindness

There is science behind the benefit of focusing on kindness. Positive thinking and positive actions produce higher levels of a feel good hormone called serotonin and reduce levels of cortisol which is a stress-inducing hormone. There, don't you feel better already? You may learn more on this phenomenon. Just google “kindness and cortisol” and you can read your way to positive change.

My idea with Kindness Bracelet, the original was to have wearers intentionally think about kindness. By focusing on looking for kindness in others and performing kind acts the wearer can feel better about his/her immediate space in our huge world. We are bombarded daily with bad news in the media, on social networking and in our own lives. The Kindness Bracelet can help lift our spirits by focusing on small acts of kindness and reminding ourselves to be kinder.

Philanthropy: I Won My Own Lottery

I have long said that if I ever won the lottery I would share it with others. Kindness Bracelet, the original IS my lottery. A portion of all sales returns to my community through donations. I provide bracelets for auctions to area schools and churches. I have donated funds to families with ill family members to use for incidental expenses and I always urge them to do something fun. I feel blessed to have this project that gives me the avenue to share with others.

U. S. and World Wide Reach

Spreading kindness is a joy. Kindness Bracelets are in all 50 states and 45 countries throughout the world (and counting!). Most recently my neighbor took bracelets to Ireland to gift to her family members. Many people will take a bracelet as a host gift when they go on vacation. I have sent many bracelets with individuals traveling to foreign countries on mission trips. It is thrilling when recipients send me pictures for my Facebook page proudly displaying their Kindness Bracelets. Take a look at some of the photos from around the nation and world on our Gallery Page or on Facebook at KindnessBraceletTheOriginal