Count On Kindness

The Kindness Bracelet helps you show and receive kindness. Acknowledging small acts of kindness creates a brighter space for us all. You will be amazed by the positivity you will experience!

When you are kind or kindness comes your way, slide a bead toward the Kindness Charm. As you slide your beads back each evening reflect on the kindness you experienced that day. Try for 12 every day!

Kindness Bracelet sales are currently supporting the placement of Buddy Benches at area elementary schools. Learn more about how Kindness Bracelet gives back to the community to further its mission of fostering small acts of kindness towards each other.

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Each bracelet is unique as to bead color, button closure, and end beads, and each displays a Kindness Charm. Originally created to count kindness, you may adapt your bracelet to count prayers, blessings, friends, hugs, or positive and hopeful thoughts. Our world is kinder than we may think. A portion of all sales returns to the community.

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